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PC Data Recovery

Who would have thought your computer's hard drive could crash? Unfortunately, it happens more often than you might think. Hard drives have a 100% failure rate and when they fail it takes specialized techniques to recover the data. The good news is that we can usually recover data (documents, pictures, music) from most failed computers. Our PC recovery technicians are trained to work on your system. The diagnostic evaluation is always free and you don't need an appointment.

Broken Laptop Screen

Screen prices vary considerably based on the type of screen used in the laptop. We can provide an estimate based solely on the model of the laptop but for an exact quote we'd ask you to bring the laptop in. We generally need to open the laptop and get the part number off the back of the screen in your laptop to provide an exact quote.

If your computer was made within the last 4-5 years this repair should be worth doing – if you own an older machine you might want to give us a call before you bring it in – it might just be time to by a new one.

Laptop DC Jack Repair

Does your laptop show any of the following symptoms: Laptop battery not charging or intermittently charges?  The charge light goes on and off?  The laptop sometimes loses power when moved?  The laptop gets hot around the power jack area?  Time to replace the power jack.

The power jack on a laptop is located on the inside of your computer; it’s where you plug in the AC adapter cord for your laptop. This is a common weak spot for many laptops and if the power jack becomes damaged it will need to be replaced.

Computer Repair

In order to effectively deliver computer repair services that meet the demands of our clients, we rely on the experience of skilled technicians and their ongoing commitment to providing practical solutions that satisfy the customer's needs in an efficient and personalized manner.

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