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Computer Training

Computer Idiot Technology Services has been successful in providing award-winning computer training to government, corporations and the general public, as well as Worker's Comp, EDD, WIA(vocational organization needs in technology training since 1989.

Company Profile

Since 1989 and based out of Ventura, California, Computer Idiot Technology Services offers computer service and repair, computer training and other technical support for small businesses and home users.

Delivering help in PLAIN English without the "geek-speak", talking with our customers in such a way that makes it easy and pleasant to do business with us.  Since 1989 we've specialized in applications training (Microsoft Office, QuickBooks, etc.), as well as computer service and repair along with technology consulting and other computer services for small business, government and individuals.

Data Recovery

Hard drives die, not will they but when. The good news is that we can usually recover data (documents, pictures, music) from most failed computers. If your files were lost or corrupted by viruses, we can help.

Email Setup, Backup and Restore (Import/Export)

Email has become an integral part of modern life. Let us help you create (or move) an account and teach you how to use it like a pro. We can also backup your Outlook email files and move and/or restore them to another computer.

Techs with People Skills, Questions Answered in PLAIN English!

Quickbooks Backup and Restore

It's a good idea to frequently backup your Quickbooks data to a secure, remote location (external hard drive/cloud) to prevent data loss.  We can also move and/or restore your Quickbooks\Quicken data to another computer.

Computer Idiot Technology Services


Founded: 1989

Owner: Nicolas Duran

Certifications: People/Social Skills


Areas of expertise:  Computer Service and Repair, Data Backup, Computer Training, Graphic Design and Printing.

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